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Sacred Moments Ministries: What We Do

The Power of Prayer …

A reminder of God’s presence …

… and His influence in our lives.

With all the fear and uncertainty that can come from an unplanned pregnancy, everything we do strives toward one end: that each participant would know firsthand the Power of Prayer and the Presence of God in their Lives. We help woman experience a healthy live birth and a successful future free from domestic violence and child abuse.

All our programs provide a safe nonjudgmental environment of compassionate care supported by Biblical truth. Our network of local professionals and educators help their students attain their educational and career goals. We help provide the resource materials and tutors that allow them to achieve academic success. Each person is able to develop a realistic individualized life plan that includes securing: Housing, Basic needs, Part-time and Full-time employment, Completion of a diploma or college degree, and more.

And … because of the generosity of supporters like you, these parents now have items in their homes they could not afford on their own.

To stay informed and hear the life changing stories …

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