Embracing God’s Blessing

Sacred Moments Ministries, Inc. serves young women and men of college age who are experiencing unwanted pregnancies. We help these individuals through the process, to allow them to continue their goals to a successful life free of social programs.

Our Services:

Grace Prayer Teams:

Specific Prayers for Single Parents

Faith Resource Closet:

Infant/Toddler Supplies and Food Items

Peer Support:

Training Students to Help Support their Peers


Sexual Integrity, Personal Safety and Abortion Alternatives


Practical Solutions on Parenting and Relationships

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Support Groups:

Offer Encouragement and Support

Individual Meetings:

One-on-One Sessions for Encouragement


Refer to Medical Professionals and Social Service Providers


Provide Assistance in Locating and Supplementing Affordable Housing

Saving Grace Maternity Home:

Residence for Young Adult Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy