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The Compassionate Support You Need

At Sacred Moments Ministries, Inc., our mission is to emotionally support and encourage college-age men and women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We help them successfully attain the educational goals of their choices.

Our team provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in which participants can experience a network of compassionate care supported by Biblical truth, resulting in changed lives and a successful future free from social programs, domestic violence and child abuse.

About Our Ministry

Our organization was developed out of the passion of two women—our program directors, Rev. Ginny Bass, BA Ed. and Sarah Sieh, BSW, who were living separate lives unaware that God was calling them to work together for his glory.

Ginny overheard her friend/hospice co-worker, Sarah, talking about how God had called her to develop a ministry to university-aged single men and women who were experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Ginny had the same prompting in her heart years earlier while serving as a Christian missionary in Mongolia.

Our ministry represents the holiness of conception of life, no matter the circumstances. An unplanned pregnancy can bring feelings of fear and uncertainty. This ministry is based on supporting men and women throughout what they may initially view as a crisis to embracing God’s blessing.

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